Car Interiors

Your car is probably one of your largest investments and your car’s interior is just as important as your home’s interior. Most of us spend 8 to 15 hours a week inside our cars, so it makes sense that you should keep them clean. Yet finding the time to clean the inside of your car is difficult with our busy schedules. Once you have washed the exterior of your car, let Moulton Cleaning Company clean your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. Vacuuming will only get the topmost dirt and crumbs. Your carpets need a deep cleaning to get to the real dirt. Just as your home carpets collect soil, dust mites, odors, bacteria and germs, so does your car. Moulton Cleaning Company uses hot water extraction to remove the deep down dirt in your car also. A clean car interior not only looks great, it is also better for your health and the health of your passengers.

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